Budding Babes

Our Budding Babes classes are perfect for getting your little one started in dance! We start as young as 2 years old (walking) for our Creative Movement (Parent & Me) class and go up to age 3. Our classes are 30 minutes long, which is the optimal time for a little one's attention span. We suggest only doing one class a week for this age. 

Creative Movement (Parent & Me): The perfect class for the child who needs a lot of direction from the parent figure in their life. We focus on creative movement and basic ballet moves so that they can learn how to move their body (with assistance from their person!) and start to learn how to take direction from another adult figure. It's a great way for these littles to learn to interact with other children their age. Ages 1.5 (walking) - 3.

Twirling Tots

Our Twirling Tots classes are for kids that are ages 3-4. We offer 30 and 45 minute combo classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and tumbling. We have multiple sections available so there are plenty of opportunities for you to get your child moving!

Intro to Dance: Ballet & Tap: This class is the next step in dance education. Children are allowed freedom of movement and creativity while also learning specific steps that are developmentally appropriate. This is a great class for teaching children in this age group how to share, take turns, and learn to work together as a team. Ages 3 - 4.


Perfect Pewees & Fledgling First-timers

Classes in a variety of styles are offered for students beginning at age 5. Peewee level is for ages 5-7, Level 1 for ages 7+, and Levels 2 & 3 for more advanced dancers who have completed several courses and have been invited to higher level classes as a result of their work and resolve.

Ballet: This classical ballet class emphasizes terminology, proper technique, and discipline. This class is a foundation for all other dance styles and creates the building blocks of a successful dancer. Students will experience technique based primarily from the Checetti and ABT vocabularies.

Tap: This class focuses on proper tap technique and how best to achieve the correct sounds. Musicality is heavily emphasized as this is a percussive dance style and intricate rhythms are paramount to tap.

Hip Hop: Learn to move and groove! This class is high energy and full of fun.  Students will learn the basics of hip hop and beyond. This class is full of energy and attitude while focusing on street jazz funk, breaking, popping, and more.

Jazz: From Broadway to Commercial Jazz, we do it all! Learn tricks and get hinged with Fosse and more of the greats in this versatile style. Students will learn to appreciate the simplicity of movement and be able to bring the sass in this dynamic class.

Lyrical / Modern: For the free spirit who simply loves to move. This flowing take away style of Jazz and Ballet seeks to interpret the music through movement. Conversely, in this combo class we also seek to break the boundaries of conventional styles and break new grounds through the texturally diverse world of modern dance. 

Voice: Learn to harness the power of your voice. This training course focuses on the basics of vocal control, health, and singing technique. Harmonies, solo work, and music theory are all integral parts of this class.

Polished Pre-Professionals


We offer both a pre-competition and a competition option for students through audition.  Every year we attend at least one competition/convention with the option of doing more based on what the students and parents want to commit to.  Our competition teams are a year-long commitment and begin as young as age 4. Competition is a great way to showcase your talents and to perform in front of large audiences. As a learning experience, it is invaluable. Dancers are critiqued by professional judges so that they can see what areas they need to improve upon. If the competition also has a convention section to it then it is even more educational. Not only do students perform the pieces they have been working on, but they will also have the opportunity to take master classes in all styles of dance taught by world famous choreographers.

Pre-Competition: This is an option for students who either financially cannot commit to a season or who are just wanting to see what competition is all about. They need to attend all the classes that competition students attend but they do not have the added responsibility of performing at competitions. They are invited to attend competitions so that they can be supportive of their classmates while experiencing what a competition is like. Pre-Competitive students are required to attend at least one convention each season where they will take classes with master teachers from around the world.

Competition: We have four team levels : PeeWees, Minis, Juniors, and Teens.  Students are divided into groups based upon age & skill. Each group will perform at least one dance. There is also the option to perform more dances via solo, duo, and trio pieces. Our competition dancers are the ambassadors of our studio so their attitude plays a role in whether or not they remain on the team. Respect, commitment, and kindness are the cornerstones of our studio and as such dancers on the competition team will need to display these qualities both in the studio and while at events.