Classes are currently being held outside in the Presbyterian Church covered & gated courtyard. 

The Presbyterian Church is located directly behind our studio, at 838 Jefferson St.

Masks are required for all visitors, students, and staff at all times. Socially distanced mask breaks for water are permitted. 

We have our dancefloor and tumbling mats set up along with our portable sound system and lighting. Classes are held online at the same time if a student wishes to attend from home. 

A a little peek into outdoor class:

Walking from the studio to the church:

Indoor Operations (When Allowed)

RBPAC’s Policies for Reopening

Please read through these policies to familiarize yourself and your dancer with our new procedures. We ask that parents have a conversation with their dancers prior to returning to the studio to discuss these policy changes and how to conduct themselves while at the studio regarding physical distancing, wearing a mask, and dancing only within their given area or as directed by a teacher.  ALL OF OUR PROGRAMS ARE HYBRID In-Person/Online INSTRUCTION AND WILL TRANSITION AS NEEDED BETWEEN INSTRUCTION STYLES AS NECESSARY. 



  1. Before entering the studio, all students must have a newly updated waiver signed and submitted to RBPAC.

  2. All waiting areas are closed. Parents and siblings who are not taking class must remain outside the building either in cars or physically distanced at 6ft or more outside the building if waiting near the studio. Drop off is, as always, encouraged during your child’s class time. 

  3. Parents must conduct their own health assessment of their dancer prior to arriving at RBPAC. This includes taking temperature and discussing if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Dancers may not enter the studio if they are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19. 

  4. Upon entering the studio each person will be screened. A staff member will conduct a quick health assessment and record this information into our attendance & staff logs. 

  5. Dancers will not be permitted to enter the building until the class before them has been excused. Timely arrival and departure are a must. Please wait in your car or outside the doors in a physically distanced manner until a teacher invites you inside by name. 

  6. Dancers need to arrive at the studio dressed and ready to participate in class. 

  7. Dance shoes should be in a bag and will be put on as the dancer enters the studio. Bags should be as small as functionally possible as they will be kept in your dancer’s workspace. They must be able to fit both dance shoes and street shoes inside their bag. Please clean the bag & all items after each class meeting. 

  8. Personal water bottles are necessary for all students. These must be sanitized before entering the studio and cleaned before each visit to the studio. There is no place to refill your bottle, please make sure the size of your bottle is appropriate for your class load. Your child's name needs to be clearly labeled on the bottle.

  9. Do not bring any “extra” items to classes with you. Students are only permitted to bring the following: 

    1. Dance bag just large enough for dance/street shoes (all approved personal items). 

    2. Dance Uniform (on their body already)

    3. Dance Shoes appropriate to the styles of dance they will be participating in only. 

    4. Clearly labeled personal water bottle

    5. Personal hand sanitizer.

    6. Cell phones are permitted only in a ziplock bag and set to silent before entering.

  10. No food or gum. The snack bar will not be available. No eating in the studio.

  11. Masks are worn at all times by all staff and students while at RBPAC. Students may lower their masks to drink water or for brief periods of relief while physically distanced. Students are to alert a staff member immediately if they are experiencing shortness of breath or dizziness, a parent may be contacted to pick up the child if this occurs. 

  12. All persons will attempt to maintain physical distancing of at least 6ft whenever possible.

  13. Dancers will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building in view of a staff member. Please bring a personal sized hand sanitizer to use (70% Alcohol or greater). 

  14. There will be no use of the barres, mats, or other props unless explicitly directed by a teacher. Each interaction with such items will result in that item being immediately sanitized after use by each individual. 

  15. Bathroom use will be strongly discouraged and not permitted unless the need is dire. All students should use the restroom at home before traveling to the studio. The bathroom will be sanitized between each use. 

  16. Upon Entering students will need to remain in the designated entry area to complete the following: 

    1. Health screening & attendance.

    2. Use of Hand Sanitizer.

    3. Changing of Shoes. (Please wear hands-free, slip-on/off shoes)

A parent needs to be in view, in case of any issue, until the check-in process is completed by their child. 

  1. In Class:

    1. Students will be assigned a dance space which is clearly noted by tape on the floor. 

    2. All students at the start of class are to stand at their yellow mark at the edge of the room. This is the mark for their personal items as well. 

    3. Students are to listen to their teacher for how to use the markings in their space throughout the class. 

  2. Exiting the building:

    1. Parents must make themselves visible outside of the building while maintaining physical distancing guidelines. 

    2. Parents should arrive on time for pick-up. 

    3. Students will be released one at a time to change their shoes in the designated area, then directed toward their parents. Students will need to wait in their designated dance space until they are called by name to leave by a teacher. Students must double-check their space for all personal items before leaving. Any abandoned item will be thrown away. 

    4. Any student who arrives at the incorrect time or is left after their class end time may be required to wait outside so that other classes are not impacted. If parents are tardy more than 5 minutes, we may charge a babysitting fee per instance of $3 per minute. If parents are more than 15 minutes tardy we may contact law enforcement. 

  3. There is a 5-minute period specifically designated for transitioning between classes. Please operate quietly and with focus during this time to ensure that we remain on schedule. Know what you’re expected to do and be prepared by actively listening to your teacher and closely following directions. 

  4. There will be no use of fans in the classroom. 

  5. There will be no lost and found. Abandoned items will be discarded. 

  6. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms you will not be allowed to take classes in-person, per Tehama County Public Health guidelines. We will be offering our live-stream recordings of classes to assist with any missed rehearsals due to this circumstance.

  7. If parents have any questions with which they need staff assistance, they are encouraged to message “Front Desk” via RBPAC’s Band Chat. Parents will not be permitted in the studio without an appointment and appropriate face-covering. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adopt these new operating procedures per the Tehama County Public Health’s guidance. We appreciate your efforts in helping to keep your community safe in these unprecedented times. Thank you for your dedication, loyalty, and support to Red Bluff Performing Arts Centre.