First Day of Classes

We’re back from winter vacation and for many dancers today (or a day soon to come) will be their first day back. It’s exciting for both new students and returning students. So here are a few helpful tips to enjoy your first day back!

For new students:

  • It can be scary going to a studio where you don’t know anyone, but here at RBPAC we strive to make everyone feel welcome. If you come with an open mind and a positive attitude then your first day can be a memorable experience!

  • Parents, please make sure that you have BAND downloaded onto your phone so that way we can answer any questions you might have right before class or, if we need to move to holding classes online, you will know and be prepared to set up at home.

  • Hopefully we have already fit you in your uniform but if not please arrive about ten minutes early to your first class so we can get you all set up!

  • Come prepared with stuff to move in if you haven’t gotten your uniform yet or in case we need to order individual items.

  • Make sure you have some nice warm sweats to wear in class as we are currently holding all of our classes outside due to Covid regulations. We have some RBPAC warm-ups in stock, but they are going fast! If you want to purchase a set and we don’t have your child’s size in stock, then please speak to a member of staff so we can get some ordered for you. Keeping our bodies warm is extremely important to avoid injury.

  • Even though it is cold we want to make sure everyone remembers to bring water. Just because you’re cold doesn’t mean you won’t get thirsty!

Again, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff. We want to help you feel welcome and confident as we begin this journey together.

For returning students:

  • Please make sure that all of your uniform items and warm-ups still fit. If you have outgrown anything please let a member of staff know so that way we can get you proper fitting dancewear.

  • Try not to push yourself too hard. If you have done little activity during your break then you should ease back into classwork. We don’t want you to get injured because you are used to being able to do certain moves but now your muscles are unable to support you. We will begin the process of building our muscles back up together over the next several weeks.

  • Have fun but don’t forget about new students! We know that you will be extremely excited to see your friends at dance again but don’t forget to make new students feel just as excited as you. Who knows, one of them could become your new best friend!

  • If you think that you might want to try a different style of dance or even add on more classes per week then let us know! We would love to help you find more things to love about dance.

For any student or family, new or old, we want to thank you for choosing RBPAC. We are here for your students to help and support them with whatever dance goal they have. We wouldn't be here without them and hope that we can continue on this journey for many years to come! If there are any questions, concerns, or comments you have please feel free to talk to any member of staff -- or even other parents!