Creating the Next Generation of Creative Artists but More Importantly Compassionate Citizens

We strive to instill long term values in our students that will last far beyond just the classroom. The four primary qualities we seek to foster through our programs are Confidence, Commitment, Compassion, and Character.

“Confidence: A feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.” This quality and state of mind is one that helps performers find the courage to perform in front of thousands of people. This is also the quality that helps them to know they gave their best performance despite what anyone else might think. When a performer learns this skill at a young age they are able to use it in every walk of life, whenever a challenge might be presented. With this ideal we seek to build citizens who can take on anything they wish.

“Commitment: The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.” When a family enrolls with us we ask for their commitment on many levels. To be committed to their performance education by being present, punctual, and prepared to work. In addition to these standard levels of commitment we ask an additional layer - the commitment to create and achieve their own goals. We facilitate the learning of this skill through accountability tests by means of homework and classwork. Much as in society we are expected to show up to work prepared for the day, so are our students expected to have rehearsed their materials outside of class, arrive in uniform, and give back to their classroom environment to facilitate higher learning in each class meeting. This commitment to our classroom community to move forward and support each other’s goals helps to create a sense of self-awareness but also their personal effect on others. The commitment to one’s team is of the highest regard with us at RBPAC. When someone makes a promise to their team, we expect them to follow through and remain accountable for to their word. As humans we have moments of regret, we get tired, we get lazy, it is our job in those moments to examine the damage these moments of weakness have on others - especially those who rely on us. When one of our RBPAC family members is having a hard time facing their commitment it is our duty to remind them of their honor and their word for the sake of the team of course - but for the sake of their own self worth. Too often in society we see those who are unable to follow through and see projects to the end, those who are constantly depriving themselves of the profound sense of worth and accomplishment by running in the face of difficulty. We at RBPAC will always be here to remind you of your commitments and help you face them head on when the time comes that you might want to shy away. Our biggest ask in all of this is that our RBPAC family communicate so we can help as the final commitment is to make each and everyone of us better -together.

“Compassion: Sympathetic understanding and concern for the feelings of others.” Art is about expression and is inherently a state of vulnerability for the artist presenting their work to the world. We strive to instill a value of compassion in all who walk through our doors that we are all human, we all make mistakes, but we are allowed to make those mistakes with grace, provided we stay kind and work to correct our wrong doings. When learning performance art students are asked every day to step outside of their comfort zone, to be emotionally aware, and artistically vulnerable. The first attempt at something new is rarely a sight of perfection, but with the right intention can still be a sight of beauty. We seek to foster an appreciation for failure and an even more valuable appreciation for failing at something together because on the other side of each failure is a lesson worth learning and this is how we grow. RBPAC works to make sure that our teaching environment is supportive of every students process by teaching that when a classmate fails we are all responsible for helping them to succeed. Sometimes we all laugh together, sometimes we slow down, and sometimes we volunteer to help another student after class. No matter what, we help each other.

“Character: The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. The quality of being individual in an interesting or unusual way. A person's good reputation.” RBPAC values this quality to the highest degree. Without a solid understanding of what makes each person an individual, we are lost. Art is an expression of human ideas and character. We seek to help each student find their own sense of self and moral compass through our programs both in class and out. We make it a point to participate in community events that service those of lesser fortune. We make it a point to give students the opportunity to conduct themselves with the highest personal responsibility. We also make it a point to allow for explanation before punishment when an incident occurs. We look to each of our students to stand up for what they believe is right and good and award bravery in the face of adversity. In our society nothing matters more than perpetuating good. When we do good our reputation speaks for itself, we are not cocky, instead we are appreciative, we are not always right, we seek to learn and grow, and we are not perfect, we seek to just be better than we were yesterday. We help our RBPAC family learn to take the moral high road when we are tested and we support each other the whole way through.

At Red Bluff Performing Arts Centre we seek to be a venue that nurtures and cherishes the opportunity to help create the next generation of world changers. Thank you for standing by us and perpetuating good in your world.

Our Valued Teachers & Staff


Krysta Shadish

Owner& Instructor

B.A. S.M. Musical Theatre SJSU

Acrobatic Arts Certified


Lisa Flader-Sakuma


Delaney Sheffield


SSU Dance Team Alumni

Over 17 years of dance & tumbling training in the competitive & performance dance arenas.


Katie Lindsey

Instructor & Front Office

15 years of ballet training.


Over 15 years of Dance Training from World-Renowned Instructors
MA Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies
from Chico State and Ireland Study Abroad
Background in Early Childhood Education.

Morgan Mulholand


Morgan, a California native, has traveled coast to coast studying, teaching and performing the art of dance. After dancing through her childhood Morgan earned her B.F.A from San Jose State University and began her masters at CU Boulder and St Mary’s College. She owned and operated her own dance studio in Tracy, CA, for 9 years, where she strived to teach not only beautiful dancers, but good humans. She furthered her dance career by moving to Los Angeles, getting representation by Movement Talent Agency and becoming a company member of Keshet Heim dance company. Currently you can see Morgan teaching and working alongside the production crew of HEAT Dance Convention. Morgan has a love and passion for combining anatomy with dance and is currently working towards her certification in personal training with the end goal of teaching dancers about muscle awareness for more efficient and safer movement. ⁠

Theresa Hoyer


BA from SJSU
Dance Educator for over 14 years. 
Special Needs Dance Certified. 

Musical Theatre, Voice, and Tap Specialties.